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Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele Compares McConnell to Judas Iscariot.

Yes, you can never trust a Never Trumper, but Michael Steele had a great turn of phrase for Senator Mitch McConnell’s support of Trump’s upcoming declaration of a “national emergency”:  “He has taken his thirty pieces of silver.”  For those who are pagans, muslims, athiests, and others who regularly fell asleep in a christian church, Steele just called McConnell the great betrayer Judas Iscariot.  This may be pendantic, but the story goes that Judas took thirty pieces of silver from the high priests of the Jewish Temple to tell where Jesus Christ could be found and to identify him for arrest.  Instead of betraying a religious leader for execution, McConnell has betrayed the Senate and the American people to Trump’s dictatorial whims.

For McConnell, they are saying that he wants this whole shutdown mess behind him.  Therefore, he is giving Trump whatever he wants as long as he signs this funding bill.  “You want to take away our power to appropriate money?  Sure, go ahead!  As long as you keep deregulating everything in sight and send more judges, judges, and judges to be confirmed!”

Technically, the “He has taken his thirty pieces of silver” line may be a good one to use against McConnell, if we had some Kentucky Democrats to run against him in 2020.  Nothing like a good line from the Bible for messaging in a Bible Belt state.

Steele said this on Mr. Bothsiderists Show on MSNBC, which even got his attention.  I will see about getting a link when it is available.

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