Former Republican Rep on New Party: Conservative does not mean crazy. Be balanced & not nuts.

Former Republican Rep on New Party Conservative does not mean crazy Be a balance & not be nuts

In discussing a new party, Former Congressman Denver Riggleman (R-VA) said Conservative does not mean crazy nor being nuts but balanced.

Former Republican Congressman why for a New Party

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Former Congressman Denver Riggleman did not mince his words. He was clear.

“You just saw the messaging for the 2022 midterms,” Former Congressman Denver Riggleman (R-VA) said. “That is what you just saw right now. Election integrity, loyalty to Trump, and then trying to hit Biden on taxes. That’s really what’s going to happen in 2022.:

The host then asked about an NBC report that said 100 influential Republicans were forming the third party. He wanted to know if it was practical to have an anti-Trump party.

“Jeff, I know exactly what it says because I’m one of those 100,” Riggleman said. “So it’s really interesting. So I’m, you know, I’m good at that. Right? And I know exactly what it says. And it’s not a threat. It’s a promise. And if we can’t, you know, somehow work from the inside to go to a facts-based policy position away from fantasy and ridiculousness and disinformation and conspiracy theories, I think we’re gonna have a tough time in the future.”

The former Congressman was not done.

“Short term, it’s very good for the GOP,” Riggleman said. “We lost this battle, Liz, me, Adam. All these individuals, as you guys remember, I mean, I was asked because I officiated a same-sex wedding and came out against QAnon. I mean, those two things right there were very difficult for the Virginia base to accept.”

Denver Riggleman then made a piercing statement.

So I’ve been through this,” Riggleman said. “We’ve lost this battle, but the war is long, and I think you’re going to see a new front starting to emerge. And I hope. So I’m going to try. I can’t guarantee success. That would be ridiculous to say that. But I think we haven’t. We have the opportunity right now for people who aren’t afraid to step up and say, ‘Hey, Conservative doesn’t equal crazy. And I think that’s really the baseline message of this, is you can be conservative, be that sort of balance to the left and the right that we need in this country and not be nuts.”

Could it be any clearer?

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  • May 12, 2021