This is fun, especially when a not so very funny Obama protege becomes rather funny. Former Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe appeared with Nicolle Wallace, where he had advice and a new Donald Trump description.

What about that spray-tanned drugged up pitchman?

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“When you bomb your first debate as George W. Bush did in '04 and as we did in 2012,” Plouffe said. “You want to have another debate to recover your footing and to gain back, ground that you lost.”

Plouffe continued.

“So Donald Trump's got to debate,” Plouffe continued. “If he doesn't, he's waving a white flag. Because what he needs to do in this race, — I don't think he can do it — but when all the undecideds pull soft voters away from Biden, win the turnout war. He's not going to do it by doing videos on the south lawn where he's a spray tan drugged up pitchman for Regeneron or through Twitter. He's got to do debates so he can reach people. And of course, he's got to change his routine because if he brings that to Zoom what's less, a town hall, it's going to be a disaster.”

Well, it seems like Donald Trump has no intention of following Plouffe’s lead. He will do the Limbaugh rounds. Fox News rounds and other Right Wing media sprinkled with Twitter tantrums.

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