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Former Michigan GOP governor endorses Biden, calls Trump a 'bully'

Well, this sure isn’t good news for the guy who won Michigan by the gross, spray-tanned skin of his weird, wobbly dentures.

Seems another GOP stalwart has jumped off the Donald Trump boat parade and onto the Biden juggernaut. 

The Detroit News:

Republican former Gov. Rick Snyder said Thursday he planned to vote for Democratic former Vice President Joe Biden in the November presidential election.

Snyder called President Donald Trump a bully who “lacks a moral compass” and said Biden would restore civility to the office of president in an op-ed published by the USA Today network.

“As a proud nerd, I had to deal with bullies over many years; it is tragedy watching our world suffer from one,” Snyder wrote.

But before you get too excited, he’s still a Republican — and a particularly problematic one at that. Then again, he also happens to be a warmblooded human whose eyes are connected to his brain.

From Snyder’s USA Today op-ed:

Furthermore, President Trump’s answer to people who oppose or disagree with them is to be verbally abusive. In other words, he is a bully.

A great leader treats people with respect even when they present different opinions. Without a variety of views and opinions, we would have no innovation or creativity in our nation. Being a bully and being strong are not the same thing. Being strong is standing up for your convictions. Being a bully is trying to intimidate those who are perceived to be weaker or a threat. As a proud nerd, I had to deal with bullies over many years; it is tragedy watching our world suffer from one.

By that definition, Joe Biden will be a great leader. Trump? He’s already shown his quavering baboon ass, and it’s etched indelibly in our Jungian collective unconscious for all eternity.

It’s Biden’s moment. Can you dig it?

Yeah, me too.

Let’s win this.

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