Anand Giridharadas said it, had Trump been a smart autocrat; he would have proven how easy America could've become an autocracy.

Anand Giridharadas: A smart autocrat Trump isn't

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Anand Giridharadas is a preeminent spokesperson on an economic system and government unwilling to solve the problems they created that hurt the poor and the middle-class. He is a real progressive pundit that has the thermometer securely under the armpit of America.

Instead of addressing the issues to create a real egalitarian society, Trump and his allies resorted to making him an autocrat. In other words, after they have maximized what they have extracted under a nebulous democracy, they've realized that democracy is no longer compatible with the pilfer. And what is their answer? Autocracy.

Giridharadas points out this time a fortunate truth. Donald Trump was so inept, one who lacks depth and intellect, that he screwed up an opportunity to use the aberrations that permeate our Constitution to evolve into an autocracy.

In other words, we get another crack at making modifications to our laws and Constitution to prevent the next autocrat-to-be from attaining any level of success. This will require brave souls more concerned about country and democracy over ideology, as did people like former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt.

“What I believe is, to the core of my being, for the rest of my life,” Steve Schmidt said. “We are in a fight now between an autocratic sensibility that's taken root in this country in four short years. And the leaders of the country are going to matter. It is going to matter what party they come out of. In the Republican Party, a majority of them voted for this autocratic moment.”

“Look, they are in a coalition of conservatives and autocrats,” Steve said. “And that is bad for America.”

“The party that's going to defend American liberty,” Steve said. “Is the Democratic Party. And that is why I joined it.”

Anand Giridharadas and Steve Schmidt hit the nail on the head.

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