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Former Kavanaugh drinking buddy claims he lied about his alcohol use in hearing

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Some dare call it perjury.

I went to the University of Wisconsin in the early ‘80s, around the same time the famously weak-stomached Brett Kavanaugh was painting New Haven orange with his vomit, and if there had been a popular drinking game called the Devil’s Triangle, I would have known about it. Because it was the University of Wisconsin … in the early ‘80s … and if I recall correctly, the vast majority of us took drinking for college credit. 

But some of us drank and still managed to treat others with respect. Some didn’t. And everything I’ve heard about Brett Kavanaugh jibes with what I know about the entitled-asshole frat-boy ethic of the time.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to someone who was right there by his side.

From ABC News:

Hours after the Senate Judiciary hearing ended on Thursday, Lynne Brookes told ABC News' Cameron Harrison that she frequently “drank to excess” with Kavanaugh.

“We were in the same social circles,” Brookes said. “When he would drink, he would get obnoxious.”

Brookes told Harrison that Kavanaugh “mischaracterized himself” during the hearing on Thursday at which Christine Blasey Ford, who's accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, also spoke.

Oh, wait. Isn’t that perjury? No? Well what about this then?

Brookes said she was frustrated listening to Kavanaugh's comments on Thursday and that he dodged too many questions, emphasizing that hard partying and succeeding in the classroom or athletically were mutually exclusive.

“He was trying to portray that it's one or the other, and at Yale there are many people for which it was both,” she said. “I played two sports. I got good grades. I went to Wharton. And I drank in excess many nights with Brett Kavanaugh.”

Brookes later described a time when she saw Kavanaugh on the library green as a fraternity pledge.

“From something I witnessed personally,” she added, “I find it very hard to imagine that he never blacked out or had memory problems.”

That’s pretty damning. So much so that it makes me want to scream at Sen. Amy Klobuchar and ask if she’s ever blacked out from drinking.

Lying your ass off in your confirmation hearings is not a good way to start off a career on the Supreme Court. That should really go without saying.

Let’s hope enough GOP senators have the decency to finally end this farce.


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