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Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh declares war on Trump as he enters the presidential race

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Many will prefer that we do not elevate the likes of Joe Walsh. I will say more about this at the end of the piece. Walsh did not mince his words as he entered the race. He is redefining himself as the brave one who is just doing what many others are quietly happy to watch.

Joe Walsh excoriates President

“Most of my former colleagues up on the Hill, they agree privately with everything I’m saying,” Walsh said. “they're scared to death. They’re — look, George, this isn't easy to do. I just sat down with you and said I’m going run for president, I'm going the challenge this guy. I'm opening up my life to tweets and attacks. Everything I said and tweeted now, Trump’s going to go after and his bullies are going to after.”

But he did not stop there. Walsh says that he believes most of his former colleagues who he has spoken to want the president to lose.

” Here’s what I think most of my former colleagues believe — they think Trump’s going to lose in November and they want him to lose in November,” Walsh said. “And then they think they're done with him and everything can go back to normal. They want Trump gone. They're just afraid to say that he's unfit. Look at this week. If you privately polled every member — Republican member of Congress.”

Why are we giving any credence to this former promoter of political and racial hate on President Obama and others as recent as 2017? Because in this case, we must be wise to note that the enemy of our enemy must be our friend against Donald Trump. Many of those indoctrinated on the Right will never bend even a little to hear our well thought out logic. Just because of who Joe Walsh is, he will have the ears of many. So let's use whomever we must, to fight this existential war we must win.

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