Former GOP Chair to Trump supporters: There is no need to get punked any longer

Former GOP Chair Michael Steele has a message to Donald Trump supporters. After deconstructing the president's trickery, he admonished them not to get punked again.

Trump supporters: Wake up for the sake of the country

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Michael Steele has been on a tear for anyone who would listen. Once again, he appeared on Nicolle Wallace's show, where he did not disappoint.

Nicolle first laid the foundation. She pointed out that the facts are out now that Trump knew COVID-19 was deadly. He knew the virus was airborne. She made it clear that because of his negligence, hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead. Thousands of businesses are closed. His actions scarred many permanently. She then passed the baton to Michael Steele.

Steele first applauded the work of many mainstream journalists who have finally started doing their jobs. After all, they are the fourth estate. They are responsible for letting us know if our government is corrupt.

“How different this could have been,” said Steele. “If you just cared on tenth more. If, you paid attention for 30 seconds more. … How different this could have been.”

Steele went on to point out the steps we will have to take to get out of the wilderness. And then he exposed the president's trickery.

“The president is trying to shift that conversation to some baser novelties,” Steele said. “Like scaring white women in the suburbs that black folks are going to show up in the suburbs to build section-8 housing. Do you want to talk about dumb-ass?”

Steele said that is where the president wants to take the conversation.

“What all of us are asking of America is,” he continued. “Don't focus on stupid anymore. Get past it, baby. Move on.”

The president understands something. And we would do well to acknowledge it. Something magical happens with repetition. We must repeat our message over and over. And over!

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