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Former Fox host: Republicans' concern about the deficit was always a con

In the middle of the Obama years, Alisyn Camerota worked at Fox News, dodging falafels, loofahs, fatally toxic Hannity-lizard-spittle and, no doubt, Brian Kilmeade roaring down the hallways on his Big Wheel whenever he smelled pigs in a blanket cooking in the commissary.

In fact, she briefly co-hosted Fox & Friends, which is the journalistic equivalent of getting your veterinary science degree and then taking a job at a pony slaughterhouse.

So she heard a lot of nonsense, let’s say.

And now she’s (finally) calling it out. Maybe because, well, she’s on CNN now.

Via Media Matters:

JOHN AVLON (SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST): [Donald Trump] is now Deficit Don. He does not — Republicans are just making it clear that this has all been a con, that deficits only matter when a Democrat's in the White House. They are increasing spending dramatically by $300 billion, not taking it down, and the tax cuts have added dramatically to the debt, around 1.5 trillion in his first two years alone. So what you've got is, in a time of a massive economic expansion, deficits and debt increasing. That's a dangerous combo, people, and we're going to pay the piper down the road.

ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-ANCHOR): If it's all been a con, Daniel, I want those eight years back of the Obama administration because I will never forget the drumbeat that Fox News pounded every single day, where people's hair was on fire about the deficit and about Democrats' profligate spending, and between Roger Ailes and Sean Hannity and everybody who would talk about how we are bankrupting our children, and where were — listen, a bipartisan deal is great, of course we can celebrate that. The reason there was a bipartisan deal is because Republicans have given up talking about the deficit and things like that.

Incidentally, Avlon is a former chief speechwriter for Rudy “Seriously, Could My Smile Get Any Fucking Creepier?” Giuliani. So there’s that, too.

Now, this is no surprise. It’s been clear for some time (i.e., at least since the ‘80s) that Republicans couldn’t care less about the deficit. The clearest evidence for this is that the deficit spikes higher than the Fox News sexual-harassment slush fund whenever a Republican is president.

But it’s nice to see such a stark rebuke from one of Fox’s own. Now, if only someone who still works at Fox would have the guts to say this out loud.

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