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Former DHS Official Confirms on 60 Minutes that Admin Had No Plan to Reunite Families.

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Perhaps not coincidentally, on the very evening that immigrants seeking refugee status on the southern border were attacked with tear gas, a 60 Minutes report revealed that not only did the Trump Administration have no plan to reunite children with the parents they were taken from, but also rebuffed efforts by DHS staffers eager to craft one.

Raw Story

‘President Donald Trump’s White House wasn’t interested in tracking the families they separated, according to one former Homeland Security staffer.

During an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Scott Shuchart explained that not only was Homeland Security never consulted about Trump’s new Executive Order that separated families at the border when they sought asylum.

If you’re going to separate families in the pursuit of an immigration policy, it was irresponsible to push that on top of a system that wasn’t prepared on the backend to allow the families to be reconciled later,” Shuchart told Scott Pelley.

Shuchart is no longer at DHS but he said it wasn’t like his expertise was of concern anyway.

“If they had come to you, what would your office have said?” Pelley wondered.

“We would’ve had advice on the way that needed to be done, on the recordkeeping that needed to be done. And our advice on that wasn’t sought out. And when we tried to provide it, it was ignored,” Shuchart explained.”


Apparently Trump was watching the report and, cognizant of how negatively this issue plays with the public, rage tweeted against 60 Minutes and was immediately called out on his lies.




Just another horrifying, addled-brained day in Trumpworld….

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