The Hill reported this on August 31st:

The Texas Democratic Party (TDP) on Monday rolled out its “Texas Voter Registration Week,” a push to get 1 million Texans registered to vote, the latest effort by the party to turn Texas at least partially blue in November.

Based on internal modeling, Texas Democrats hope to reach a high number of young Texans of color who are not yet registered to vote. Of the total number of Texans reached, the party is aiming for around 40 percent to be Black and about 35 percent to be Latino.

Increasing voting participation in the Lone Star State has long been a goal of the TDP.

And Forbes confirms that Texas Democrats are fighting like hell to reach that goal:

The party reached out to 1.2 million unregistered Texans, in an effort mainly aimed at younger voters and voters of color, from Monday, Aug. 31 to Friday, Sept. 4, according to information provided to Forbes.
The effort was the biggest in party history, and comes as polls show a near dead-heat between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Texas, which a Democrat hasn’t carried in a presidential election since 1976.
A Dallas Morning News poll released Sunday showed Trump with just a 2 percentage point lead over Biden, while the president holds a 3.5 percentage point lead in the RealClearPolitics polling average.
The 1.2 million Texans that Democrats reached out to exceeded the party’s goals of reaching 1 million unregistered voters.

Here’s some more info from The Guardian:

“We’re excited our volunteers are working across Texas to register so many new voters,” MJ Hegar, the Democratic nominee challenging incumbent Republican Senator John Cornyn, said in a statement.

“By mobilizing millions of Texans this November we will elect servant leaders up and down the ballot who embody Texas values.”

This week, a legion of phone and text “bank” operators – telephonic campaigners – are reaching out to likely Democrats, focusing especially on communities of color and young people. Unregistered voters in Texas skew disproportionately Democratic, said (Luke) Warford (voter expansion director for the Texas Democratic party); according to the party’s internal modeling, there are an estimated 2.6 million to 3.5 million unregistered Democrats statewide.

Let’s keep up the momentum to flip Texas Blue. Beto O’Rourke’s Powered By People has launched two more GOTV virtual Phone Banks on September 10th and 14th. Click below to sign up:

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