Earlier today, I created a Twitter list of every major candidate who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. I’m defining “major candidate” as being eligible for being listed on Wikipedia’s table of 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidates, so, as a result, I’m not going to list every single person who has filed Federal Elections Commission paperwork to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, which is over 200 individuals, most of them are virtually unknown, even to high-info Democratic voters. However, there are currently 19 major candidates, and I’ve included the primary campaign Twitter account of each candidate in the list. I’ve also included the expected campaign Twitter accounts of Joe Biden and Seth Moulton, both of which are expected to launch presidential bids sometime in the near future, so the list actually includes 21 individuals.

You can find the Twitter list of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates here. Feel free to subscribe, no matter which Democratic candidate you support!