For Republicans, Communist and Socialist Are Substitutes for the N Word.

Ask anyone who was a member of the civil rights movement back in the days, and they will tell you how many of the white racists always insisted that the civil rights members were either out and out communists or duped by the communists.  And this kept up well into the 1980’s (Senator Jesse Helms did this to fight the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday as labeling King a communist).  And Obama was continually called a Marxist/communist/socialist by Republicans.  With regards to Obama, this was absurd because he was a centrist who embraced capitalism.  And Obama was not part of the original civil rights movement.  For Republicans who do not want to be caught saying the N word in public, it is easier to substitute communist or socialist.  

Why go through this charade?  Politics.  There is a spectrum to racism.  And like any good politicians, Republicans can get all the hard core racists, but they also need to get voters who are racially biased but don’t want their own biases to be thrown in their face. Some refer to them as “white moderates.”  And there are voters who will pull the lever for Republicans as long as Republicans do not make it obvious that they are racist.  Obvious racism being the use of the N word.

(Yes, I know that Fox Noise would have people on who would defend Trump if he used the N word.  There would be some insane “reason” for why the N word would be acceptable on Fox.)

As I have stated before, the deceased Senator Jesse Helms understood this very well.  He was a master practitioner of this strategy.  He was smart enough never to use the N word in public, but he would use all the other racial dog whistles.  Helms substitued the word “Fred” for the N word in private.  Helms had the discipline to use “Fred” even behind closed doors.  Helms understood that once he was caught using the N word, those white moderates would not have the cover they needed to vote for him.

And I know of people who are racists who now use communist instead of the N word.  It’s acceptable to attack someone for their “ideology” but not the color of their skin.  Look at how hard Senator Graham is throwing communist and socialist around when it comes to The Squad.  Republicans are happy to attack POC who are progressive by calling them socialists.

Keep that in mind whenever you hear Republicans attacking Democrats by calling them socialists, especially POC.  I bet that if Senator Harris gets the nomination that she will become the Mother of Marxism to Republicans.