Fools and their money are soon parted.

Conman in Chief Donnie “Pass the Snake oil” Trump and his  psychotic sycophantic shyster Rudy “preemptively pardon me please” Giuliani know all to well and have set up a slush fund to bank the profits.

They also know their bases propensity for conspiracy theories and have used their guidebook to sell their most fantastical set of lies. I do believe there are even more far- fetched nonsense to come just to keep the dosh rolling in, 170 million and counting. This coupled with his other potential scam should enable him once again to finance  his debts.

Never one to miss an opportunity,  gold-digger Melania “Fuck Christmas” Trump is planning a tell nothing book “How I mooched for four years” to cash in, again. No doubt that there will also be a special signed “burial urn” coffee table  edition at some exorbitant price.

I also have no doubt that the rest of the Trump Spawn have money making schemes to profit from their waste of space and time in the White House. Ivanka will probably promote a “fuck poor people” line of clothing made by some of the poorest people on the planet, whilst hubby returns to “managing” property.

The sons, no doubt planning a frothing and whining campaign attacking every and anyone for cheating on Dad  whilst Donnie cheats at golf.

No doubt there are other “business ventures” possible for such a puerile family.

Intellectually, based on numerous observations, I cannot predict just how low they can go.

  • December 2, 2020