Michael Steele was not holding back on his interview with Joy-Ann Reid on her new show The ReidOut. Reid told him there were Trumpists who are denying that Herman Cain did not die from COVID-19.

Michael Steele scolds his right flank.

Watch the full episode here.

Steele got completely disgusted.

“Herman Cain was a buddy of mine,” said Michael Steele. “I appreciated every moment I got to spend with him. And my heart goes out to him and his family for this loss.”

Steele then castigated the Republican Trump sycophants.

“The reality of it is for those who don't think this is serious,” Steele continued. “That those who think that this is some made-up China virus that was imported into the country, you know, live in that bubble. And you will die in that bubble. And that's all that can be said.:

Steele went from castigating to insulting them.

“Folks, we cannot stop you from being stupid,” Steele said. “We put the information out there. We've tried to educate and inform. We've got the best and the brightest scientists in the country that have been summarily dismissed by this administration and particularly this president. In fact, you know what the realities are because you have family members and friends who have been sick and dying since this thing began. So I can't help your stupidity at this point. That's your risk. It won't be mine. So my heart goes out to the fallen who've not listened but at the same time for those who are. Take care. Wear the damn mask!”

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