Fmr. Defense Sec. William Cohen (R-ME) slams Republican Senators: They’re either afraid or complicit

Former Defense Secretary, William Cohen (R-ME) did not mince his words as he methodically admonished Republican Senators on the impeachment vote.

William Cohen admonished Republican Senators

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Chuck Todd asked William Cohen about the threats he received during the Nixon Watergate era. He used it as a segue to slam the Republican Senators considering acquitting Donald Trump at his impeachment trial.

Cohen said he and his wife decided to watch Saving Private Ryan once again. He wanted to absorb their bravery again as they were fired upon. He also spoke about his friend, a Tuskegee airman, who defended the country by putting his life in peril yet had to endure vicious racism for the country he was fighting for overseas.

The former Secretary of Defense then admonished the Senators for their cowardice. He used the World War II soldiers' and the Tuskegee airmen's bravery to expose their irrational fear.

“These were men who had courage,” Cohen said. “And for members of Congress to say, 'Gee, I am not so sure I know what's the facts are.'”

Cohen then put it all out on Trump.

“I know that Donald Trump was the Fireman In Chief,” Cohen said. “He is the Chief Marshall. Forget about all the arguments about whether he arranged it or he inspired them as he watched. He was the Fireman in Chief. And he watched the fire burn. … He took no action. That was an impeachable act. And any person in the Senate who doesn't recognize that as an impeachable act and votes not to convict, they don't deserve to have the word honorable next to their name.”

Cohen would have much more to say. But this statement is the most apropos.

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