Weird that the GOP defense could wind up: “I did it, so what – get over it”

Idiotic that Individual-1 is trying with the help of his GOP buddies, to make impeachment into reality-TV kayfabe.

No amount of extra campaign money funneled to 2020 vulnerable GOP senators can make them less vulnerable to trying to rationalize a conspiracy, a shakedown, violation of public trust, and abuse of power. Even so, Trump is trial ballooning new spin in a speech in Mississippi and using the utterance “Barack Hussein Obama”.

Trump, in Mississippi, boasts that the Mississippi unemployment has hit the lowest rate it’s ever been. That’s not true anymore after a recent increase; it was lower in the late Clinton/early Bush eras.

  • Trump repeats the comment of someone in the crowd who apparently pronounced him “the best president we’ve ever had.” There is a big cheer and a chant of four more years. 
  • “He left us 142 openings” on the judiciary, Trump says of Obama. “Can you believe that?” It was 104, largely on account of McConnell’s obstruction strategy. 
  • Trump, talking Baghdadi, says American special operators “punched out his ticket to hell, I guess you could say.” 
  • Trump repeats his claim that Baghdadi spent his final moments “trembling” and “crying.” The NYT just posted a story about how defense officials haven’t seen any evidence of this — no video or audio, no after-action reports, nothing.
  • Trump: “While we’re creating jobs and killing terrorists, the Democrat Party has gone completely insane.” He then talks about how the Academy Awards “failed” because it “disrespected us.” 
  • Trump calls the Washington Post a “horrible newspaper. Fake, fake, fake.” He decries Democrats’ impeachment push as “deranged” and “outrageous.” He says the “angry majority” will therefore vote many Democrats out of office. 
  • Trump misrepresents Rep. Al Green’s quote about impeaching Trump, claiming Green said, “We’ve gotta impeach him because we can’t beat him.” Green said he was concerned Trump would win if he wasn’t impeached; he’s never said “we can’t beat him,” as Trump keeps saying. 
  • Trump decries “the lying. The falsifying. Over the past three years, PLUS.” He says, “Remember this: truth is a force of nature.” 
  • Clinton’s emails. Lock Her Up chant. 
  • Trump, decrying Clinton’s recent comments, says he doesn’t know who Tulsi Gabbard is but knows she isn’t an agent of Russia, and he knows Jill Stein is a “Greenie” but that’s fine, everyone in this room loves the environment. 
  • Trump: “…The Apprentice. And it was a big success. Fourteen seasons. And when I left, Crazy Arnold took over. It didn’t do too well. It was dead. It was dead from the first episode. I saw, I said, what have they done to this beautiful show?” 
  • Trump boasts of beating “the Clinton dynasty, the Bush dynasty, the President Barack Hussein Obama dynasty.” 
  • Trump says the only time he’s ever seen Obama work hard is when he was trying to beat Trump in the election. 

  • It’s been a while since Trump has invoked Obama’s middle name as he just did. Not sure, offhand, that he’s previously done so as president.
  • Trump calls Biden “very slow…very slow.” He says, “He’s gotten slower and slower. I’m afraid if he gets the nomination, he’ll be so slowww, we’ll have the lowest-rated debates in history.” 
  • Trump calls Beto O’Rourke “pathetic.” He says, at length, that O’Rourke had flailing arm gestures. He said he asked, “What is he on?” 
  • Trump: “Anybody that says they’re a great salesman, usually they’re not a very good salesman.” He is criticizing O’Rourke for boasting too much about himself, saying that people who boast aren’t the ones with the real ability. 
  • Trump is bashing the media. He scoffs at the idea he could possibly have asked Ukraine for help with an election against someone as pitiful as Biden, after it was so “easy” for him to beat Clinton and Obama. 
  • Trump says of his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “I don’t know who he is. I don’t know his name until I look down – the card, I see.” The call was in July, two months after Zelensky took office. 
  • Trump says he made the Ukraine call “at the behest of — people,” who asked “could you call and say hello.” 
  • Trump: “I’m an honest person anyway,” but obviously I wouldn’t say anything inappropriate with so many people on the call. 
  • Trump says Democrats are trying to “delegitimatize” the election. 
  • Trump says he’s going to do a Biden impression but he has to speak very slow (?). He is doing an impression of the 2018 video of Biden at an event explaining how he pressured Ukraine to fire a chief prosecutor (who was widely considered unwilling to prosecute corruption). 
  • Trump is mocking CNN anchors. 
  • Trump says O’Rourke “quit like a dog.” He says O’Rourke “wasn’t smart.” He says he was talking tonight to the First Lady about O’Rourke tonight. 

  • Trump is inaccurately describing the photo of Biden golfing with his son and associates. Biden never claimed to have never met his son’s business partner, a fellow Burisma board member. Trump is (more implicitly this time) wrongly suggesting he was a Burisma exec of some sort. 
  • Trump is bashing CNN at great length. “We need honesty with our media,” he says to cheers. “We need honesty.” He adds that he threw the (physical) Washington Post and New York Times out of the White House. He then goes back to Hunter Biden. 
  • Trump says a Democrat would get much more credit for killing Baghdadi: “With me, they don’t even wanna – they actually played it down. And actually, and I’m happy about this — Conan, the dog, got more publicity than me. And I’m very happy about that. I’m very…” 
  • Trump is complaining about how quickly he claims the Baghdadi story has vanished (I still see a buncha coverage, I don’t know). He says Obama would’ve gotten seven months of coverage. He mocks Obama again for leaving him judicial vacancies. 
  • These lies are so crazy to me: Trump, as he has multiple times before, looked at the back of the room and claimed he just saw CNN had turned off its camera — “the red light” went off, he said — as he was bashing CNN. CNN did not turn off any camera. 

  • Trump falsely claims China “never gave us 10 cents, they only took.” Even aside from their hundreds of billions of purchases of US products, the US has collected billions in tariffs on Chinese imports — again, paid by Americans — for years. 
  • Since I’m now at CNN and can ask people about these things: there is not even a lights that goes on and off on these cameras, as Trump has repeatedly claimed in this repeat lie.

  • Trump boasts about how many billions in aid he has given farmers hurt by his trade war. He adds, “You think OBAMA would do that? I don’t think so.” Obama fixation at a high level right now. 
  • Trump complains about how Adam Schiff has immunity for things he said in Congress. He said he learned this after he publicly said he was wanted to sue Schiff. 
  • Trump refers again to “Barack Hussein Obama.” This seems to be a deliberate thing tonight in Mississippi. 
  • Trump claims again that Stacey Abrams had not only Barack Obama but Michelle Obama campaigning for her. Michelle Obama did not campaign for Abrams at all. 
  • I’ve always been fascinated by this lie — it’s not because I’m a CNN homer now. It’s the president looking at his most devoted supporters, pointing at something *in the room with them,* and telling them he is currently seeing something he is not seeing.

  • Trump calls Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant “central casting.” 
  • Trump has a rally habit of talking about some subject and then claiming, mid-story, that he’d just been talking to the First Lady about the subject.
  • The unemployment rate has been the lowest in just under 50 years. Trump says again that it’s the lowest in “over 51 years.” Endless, pointless exaggeration.
  • Trump claims to have ended a “war on American energy” and so now the US is the number one producer in the world. The US took the number one spot in 2012, under “war” perpetrator Obama, then saw production continue to steadily increase through 2015 before a dip in 2016. 
  • Trump: “We are not the sucker country anymore. And they all know it.” 

Crime spree continues

  • November 2, 2019