Ron DeSantis is IMO every bit as evil and money grubbing as his pal Trump

This is Spring Break and Bike Week in Daytona.   See any masks or social distance?

Chaos and Desantis won’t talk to mayors….in Miami

Mayors frustrated and fed up.  No response from the Ron Don

Here is Panama City

Clearwater Beach



For the record… It is cold down here.  It gets down in the 40’s at night and this week it has been around 69 or 70  in the day with high winds,  Maybe that is not cold to some of these folks but it is to natives.  The reason there is SO many at S. Beach is that it is a bit warmer south of Orlando but they are still all over.  The bars are open everywhere with no mask mandates.  Universal and Disney are full BUT they are supposed to wear masks , only they don’t wear them correctly.

I have actually heard Trumpsters say, “Well it is their color.  The POC.  They are thugs.   This was speaking of the chaos in Miami.  I guess their racism is so deep, they think that Covid is color blind and it will jump from black and brown only.  I suggest someone rip off Desantis’s mask and throw him right in the middle of South Beach crowd and test that theory.

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