Florida..Florida..Florida…Voter Registration crashes on last day.

Well, here we go.  Florida on it’s last day to register to vote had it’s registration computer crash and many are wanting the time to be extended.

This is just another Voter suppression trick or else they would extend the deadline.   


Florida’s online voter portal crashed on the final day of registration, prompting Democrats to accuse Gov. Ron DeSantis and other Republican state officials of trying to suppress the vote less than a month before Election Day.

Details: Secretary of State Laurel Lee said the site went down briefly Monday. The portal appeared to continue with problems and in the early evening was down again or moving slowly, possibly overwhelmed by people trying to access it.

Lee, in a text on Monday evening, said her office thought it had handled the crash “right away”, but was “working now to see if there’s an ongoing problem.”

Floridians who want to vote in the November election have until 12 a.m. Tuesday to register, and Republicans and Democrats had mounted campaigns to urge people to sign up. With President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden on the ballot, turnout is expected to be high in the battleground state.

Well, of course it is suspicious considering Biden is 5 points ahead in Florida according to the latest CNN poll.

Democrats were suspicious of the timing of the crash, noting the system has had problems in the past when demand is high.

“This is just latest attempt from the Republican leaders in Florida to limit democracy,” Florida Democratic Party chair Terrie Rizzo said in a statement. “The Florida Voter Registration website not working on the last day to register to vote in Florida is blatant voter suppression. Fix the website, stop the suppression, and let democracy work.”

  • October 6, 2020