Florida..Don't let the Headline be Nov 4th from Trump. I won. Dems..Take Florida early. Take it

I am so tired of the story being Florida, Florida, Florida.   The pundits agree  even with doom and gloom, the case they all agree on is  Florida is the state where Trump has to win.   A Biden win and it’s all over. 

 We have the highest number of veterans, seniors, and it is a big state.  Twenty nine electoral votes and we can blow this state out early and do not have to listen to the orange man from the East Room with his superspreader scream, “It ain’t over people”.  It will be with a Biden win.

Florida is not a state for the shy and apathetic.   We have a funny looking, do nothing but imitate Trump as a Governor.  He will be sneaking around corners to disenfranchise voters.  We have been here before with Bush/Gore 2000.  DO NOT allow this race to be that close.

TAMPA (WFLA) — Florida reported an additional 4,865 coronavirus cases on Sunday, bringing the statewide case count to 807,412.

The resident death toll increased to 16,789 after the state reported 28 new virus fatalities.


The health department received a whopping 114,757 test results from labs across the state on Saturday. Of the results received, 7.38% were positive. This includes people who have been tested multiple times.

  • Saturday: 7.38%
  • Friday: 7.98%
  • Thursday: 7.22%
  • Wednesday: 6.03%
  • Tuesday: 6.49%
  • Monday: 7.78%
  • Sunday: 7.65%

COVID-19 death toll could be higher than Florida’s data shows, CDC says

We have the worst veteran care in the country.  We have a terrible economy in Florida.  We also have Climate Change sinking Florida.  Don’t have a car,,, Hertz will let you have a car for one day..FREE. ( For one day).  Our infrastruture is failing and it is getting hotter and hotter every year.  We have a HUGE Covid outbreak.  We probably have more Russians living in Florida than people know not to mention a huge amount of corruption here.

Generation Z is my hope and disgusted Seniors.  I hope the Latinos show up for Biden in big numbers.  We have a problem with the cuban vote because they believe Biden is Castro because of the lies Marco Rubio and Trump spew.  Listen folks, Biden is not Castro.  Trump is Capone.   If Trump can put a hotel in Cuba, he will be kissing Castro’s ass.  For all we know, he already has.

Trump cares nothing for you.  You are not orange and not white.  We and you need the Affordable Health Care.  If you can’t vote Biden.. and leaning Trump,just stay home.

Do you have your glass carpet out Florida Dems?  Get it out and be ready to crawl over it to vote Biden /Harris and all blue.   Drop those ballots off today.  TODAY. 

You are not better off today that you were 4 years ago Florida.  Vote Blue for the soul of America in the state of Florida. 

The Drive the Vote info:

Hertz offers free rental day to get voters to the polls on Election …

  1. 16 hours ago — The rental car company is calling the program “Drive the Vote.”

  • November 2, 2020