Florida does not even know how State can impose fines to keep us healthier and make State $$$

Talk about stupid.   The greedy Republicans have no clue how to even make the state money not to mention flatten the curve.  They know how to throw a fine on a seat belt violator.  They know how to throw a big fine on someone doing 45 in a 40 mph area BUT mandating masks in a pandemic and imposing fines, they have no clue.

If I were Governor, I would impose a state mandate of wearing masks in public.  I would order all not essential businesses closed and no inside dining.  If people could not comply, there would be a 250.00 fine imposed the first time and if you couldn’t pay, then community service of sanitizing handrails and street sweeping and sanitizing bathrooms would have to be imposed.  They also would have to be tested.  I would also impose a stay at home order for 4 weeks.  Disney would have to go down again along with Sea World, Lego Land and other crowd gatherings.

Common sense.    They think opening up business is the way to open the economy and they have no excuse for not not mandating masks and hygiene.  The states have always made money with fines for endangering lives.   What gives?  

I would have the strictest policy ever seen or heard of until this Virus gets under control.  People who violated the social distancing, I would order to hold business owners responsible for non enforcement.   Big Fines.  Closed by Health Dept if necessary if fines didn’t work.

There is a way to govern and even though I am not some politician, I am a Mother, grandmother and someone with common sense.  

Infringing on freedoms?   People have the right  to put themselves in danger but not others.  Try yelling Fire in a movie house.  Try reckless driving.  Try not wearing a seatbelt or running a stop sign.   Dying and hurt or sick is the same thing.   

This should be mandated nationwide but they cherrypick a slush fund as well.   They don’t know how to make money off stupidity for the state.  Want freedom to unmaks.. Stay the hell home.

Damn, Stupid states…DO IT.

Ever heard of click it or ticket.   How about masks or tasks?  Mask up or Pay Up.

  • July 17, 2020