I know many are hearing the same thing in other states but here in Florida, it is ridiculous and with DeSantis heading the ignorance,  the careful are being harrassed.



— Kenneth (@DeepInTropics) September 14, 2020

There is no mask mandate  in most counties and I thought these idiots believed in government out of business policies.   I have heard the title,  Coronokarens for people wanting other to wear masks.  Not only are we called snowflakes but Covidkarens. We are called sheep.   We are called this in public places.   The truth is, many of us are getting harrassed for wearing masks.  Some are getting attacked and WE are the ones being oppressed.  Our rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is being infringed upon.

A business like CVS will have huge signs saying, “ Face Masks Required”.  The minute the person gets in the store the mask comes off.   A so called CovidKaren has to insist the rule be enforced but it can’t be because the clerk will tell them to put the mask on and that is when the problem begins or ignored.  I witnessed that yesterday.  I was the Covidkaren who insisted the mask be worn and the social distance be enforced which is also being ignored.  One of few places I have to go is the pharmacy and I am extremely careful in there.

These people want us to die and obviously do not care if they or their own family members die.  I hardly see masks anymore from white people in Florida.   I do applaud the POC community and thank you.  It is happening all over the south.  It is especially happening in Republican governor states.  It happens all over but very prominent in southern states and gun totin Florida with an ass kisser DeSantis as governor.



— X-lib Paula 🇺🇸 (@Xlib) September 14, 2020

There are a few hitting DeSantis with the truth but the deplorables come back hitting them with insults.  It is not just on social media either.  It is most everywhere in almost every county in Florida that we are facing this outrage. It is more of a mixed bag south of Hernando County and less maskers north of there. Depending on the day and what Dumb Trump has said about masks depends on the masking.

  Want to know what a Corono Karen is..”I’ll tell you” should you ask them what they are calling a Corono Karen.  Of course your don’t have to ask, they will get up in your face and attack you verbally and with no mask maybe it is physically because they are not wearing masks spreading their germs.

That woman who scans the streets and parks from her condo balcony or car with her trusty binoculars hungry to report social-distancing violators to tip lines or police; filled with rage and righteous indignation she harasses dispatchers with the hopes that those terrible people trying to exercise and enjoy their lives get locked up together, infected, and die.
“These murderous criminals are threatening my right to life, and the lives of all citizens with their disgusting walking without wearing masks, holding hands, and playing basketball by themselves!” she screeches into her iPhone.

That is their reality.  WE are taking precautions because we want to all be by ourselves.  STUPID ASS THINKING.

These so called God loving people don’t have a clue about God IMO.  Love thy neighbor and what about God telling people to shelter in place during the great plague over Egypt.  They cherry pick.  They use God for everything and their selfish self centered, entitled wants.   I as a person of faith am getting really tired of it. They are hypocritical, selfish assholes who do not have a clue about God or faith.  They are using him…PERIOD.

No wonder I am depressed.   Even the First responding police don’t wear masks.

I am depressed here because I am not one to let someone attack me and just let it go.   It is not in my DNA.  Liberals in red states are suffering in many ways.  WEAR YOUR MASK and don’t let these bullies stop you.  When they call you a sheep..wear the mask..Cornovirus Karen?  Wear the Mask.   If you die from Covid, you died trying to protect yourself, your family and others so WEAR THE MASK. This is our normal in Florida and Trump encourages this.  DeSantis encourages this.

Some of us can’t leave.  We don’t have the resources and it is becoming so widespread, where would we go to have our constitutional right of wearing a mask protected?   

In case any of the idiots don’t want to accept the Mask… The dear leader you so love and willing like Herman Cain to die for said this.

Here’s what Trump said, emphasis added:

This thing is a killer if it gets you. If you’re the wrong person, you don’t have a chance.

So this rips you apart… It is the plague.

And Lordy it was on tape when he spoke to Bob Woodward.

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