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FL-Gov: PPP Has Andrew Gillum (D) Leading Racist Ron DeSantis (R) 48-43

Some good news today out of Florida courtesy of Public Policy Polling:


Democratic consultant Christian Ulvert commissioned a robo poll by the North Carolina-based Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, which shows Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum leading Republican Ron DeSantis. The poll suggests the statewide Democratic candidates are crushing Republicans among independents.

“In the Governor’s race, there is massive gender gap with Gillum leading among women by 21 and DeSantis leading among men by 13. Meanwhile Nelson leads Rick Scott among women by 8 and Sean Shaw leads Moody among women by 7,” Ulvert said.

“The most interesting number is among Independent voters where Gillum leads DeSantis by 34, Nelson leads Scott by 20 and Shaw leads Moody by 17. Gillum starts with an impressive edge among Independent voters who are key to winning Florida.”

There’s also good news for Nelson:

And it looks like a tight race for Attorney General:


I’ll have more diaries on these Florida races soon. But let’s keep up the momentum and win these races. Click below to donate and get involved with Gillum, Nelson and Shaw’s campaigns:

Andrew Gillum

Bill Nelson

Sean Shaw