Five years in prison for voting by mistake, thirty days for knowingly lying in court – Makes sense

So it just came down. The Dutch lawyer who lied to Robert Mueller got thirty days. That seems to be after Mueller asked the judge to throw the book at him. Thirty days. Pretty good. It made me think of the woman in Texas who got five years for mistakenly voting. I mean they were kind of the same. Except the guy who got thirty days is a wealthy white male who mocked the integrity of our entire justice system (as if the Supreme Court hasn’t been doing that for the last couple of decades). The five year gal was a Black woman with children and no money, just out of prison, trying to make her way who had no effect whatsoever on the voting system. Yeah, this all makes a lot of sense. I bet Manafort is running around saying, “give me my thirty days, sixty for both trials.” With judges like this who needs pardons.

Anybody who thinks the justice apparatus in this country will save us has been barking up the wrong tree. We have one shot and that is 2018 and that’s it. Any post here or anywhere else not about organizing is a waste of time.

  • April 3, 2018