'Five-alarm fire' for Trump in suburbs

Evil trump face ap img

As Donald Trump’s approval rating has continued to stagnate, and people far and wide have come to see him more and more as just a flailing mass of gelatinous orange goo, #PABOTUS has attempted to rouse his base by going full DEF CON RACIST.

Maybe his strategy is working in the remote redoubts of Trumpenland, but it appears to be killing him in the suburbs.

Dave Wasserman is the U.S. House editor of the Cook Political Report and a self-described nerd for election data, and he’s seeing a trend, based partly on Tuesday’s special election in North Carolina, that should be worrying for the Ocher Idjit.


Hey, I don’t shop at Whole Foods much, because you pretty much have to sell both nuts to afford a single filbert, and that’s not a great bargain for most people. But I get what Wasserman is saying. I imagine the Trader Joe’s crowd feels pretty much the same.

We’re in a position to win this. We just have to put in the work and pick the right nominee.

I’ll let y’all decide who that is.


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  • September 12, 2019