Feliz Navidad. Mexican Girl Sends Santa Her List By Balloon, Arizona Man Finds and Fills It.

Well, this is a feel good story.

Washington Post

“Randy Heiss found a balloon while hiking in Patagonia, Ariz., on Dec. 16. Attached was a note. 


“Dayami,” it read on one side, in a child’s handwriting. A hand-drawn bow accompanied the word.

Heiss flipped it over. It was a numbered list, all in Spanish.

“My Spanish isn’t very good, but I could see it was a Christmas list,” he told The Washington Post in a phone interview Friday.”

Heiss and his wife determined that the balloon must have come from Nogales, Mexico, and put a post on Facebook hoping to find Dayami. A few days later, worried that Christmas was fast approaching, they contacted the XENY radio station in Nogales and asked for their assistance.

XENY came through.

The Heisses went shopping and drove to Nogales where they met Dayami and her four year old sister.

Nine years ago they had lost their only son, who had no children.

“Being around children at Christmastime has been absent in our lives,” Heiss said. “It’s been kind of a gaping hole in our Christmas experience.”

He has since reflected on what a “miracle” it was that he spotted the balloon at all, let alone was able to locate Dayami and her family.

“We now have friends for life,” Heiss said. “And, for a day, that border fence with its concertina wire melted away.”

They told the girls, who still believe in Santa, that they were Santa’s helpers.

Merry Christmas and…

F*** you Trump.