Fed. Judge Named by W Rejects Restraining Order on N. Dakota Voting Law Targeting Native Americans.

Because of course he does…

NBC News

“A federal judge denied a last-minute emergency request to prevent North Dakota's new street address requirement for voting from applying to Tuesday's midterm election.

The requirement presents difficulties for some Native Americans in the state who have traditionally used post office boxes, loose locators or even vouching from poll workers to vote…

Daniel L. Hovland, chief judge for the U.S. District Court in North Dakota, wrote in his ruling Thursday that the allegations of voter suppression gave him “great cause for concern” and that “a detailed response from the Secretary of State” was warranted.

“The litany of problems identified in this new lawsuit were clearly predictable and certain to occur as the court noted in its previous orders,” the judge stated.

However, Hovland wrote, an emergency temporary restraining order was “unwarranted given the importance of avoiding further confusion and chaos on the eve of an election.”

Hovlad was appointed to the Federal bench by George W. Bush shortly after the Supreme Court suppressed Florida Voters to make him President.

It is unclear to me how allowing Native Americans to vote will create “confusion and chaos” in the upcoming election.

Is there a big problem with indigenous people sneaking into the tribal areas of N. Dakota to vote?

While I am glad the not so good judge if “concerned” about disenfranchisement, his un-acted upon concern is cold comfort to American citizens denied their birthright. 

  • November 2, 2018