Fear of a second Trump term must not temper the necessary choice of a progressive candidate

2016 has left many Democrats so fearful that they have become paralyzed. Too many believe that Trump, his base, and his cabal are more powerful than they are. The thing is, they are only as powerful as we have allowed them to be.

Americans prefer wrong and strong over right and timid. Just think how they would react to right and strong. We have two candidates that are in fact right and strong. But too many Democrats, because of an imposed timidity, fear that one must find a candidate who represents inherently the mythical center.

After reading one of my blogs posted to LinkedIn, in which I commended the policies of two of the three leading Democratic candidates, a reader named Michael posted, ”Nonsense. Google 1972. We went so far left we lost 49 states. Check the swing state polls. Here [is] what you need to know … https://youtu.be/rV8OtddXkkk.”

The link is to a video of Michael giving praise to former Vice President Joe Biden, which we know is just fluff. After all, our eyes and ears did not lie to us when we watched his performance in the debates. Sadly, the constant need to prop up Biden should be disconcerting to his supporters. When Julián Castro rightfully challenged Biden, PolitiFact jumped through hoops to rate Castro’s truthful statement echoing what Biden said about health insurance in the Houston Democratic debate “mostly false.” Fortunately, the statement was published in the transcript. Imagine if they had afforded President Obama the same type of analysis before declaring his statement “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it” the “lie of the year.”