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Fatal Distraction

There is a term used in Syria and Turkey about the Kurds, “Arabize.” Essentially the Kurds since the 1920s and 30s have been ostracized as rebellious heretics. Although the Kurds comprise nearly 25 percent of the Syrian and Turkish population, Bashar al-Assad the Syrian leader, and Recep Erdogan the Turkish president dream of genocide against the Kurdish people.  The only thing that has stood between the annihilation of the Kurds and their would-be dream of creating a homeland of Kurdistan is the United States.  

As important to U.S. national security the history of the Kurds may be to the safety of America’s interest in the region and the moral implications of a modern-day genocide, there is something equally sinister afoot. Donald Trump has long threatened war with Iran, invasion of Venezuela and even economic war on Canada. As is per his need to use sleight of hand to distract from his glaring weakness as a man and a leader, Mr. Trump has not started a war, he is ignoring one.  Turkey, despite Mr. Trump’s stern warning to president Erdogan not to commit atrocities against the Kurds or American troops, of whom about 2000 are still in Syria, the Turkish invasion has begun.  

By June of 2018 photos of children and mothers being caged and separated from their children at the border were being circulated around the world. As the outrage grew and reached a crescendo the President looked to head off a holiday season with him as the Grinch. He announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria in December of 2018; a day later his outraged former Secretary of Defense General James Mattis resigned because the decision was made with no calculation as to what comes next and it became obvious to Mattis that reaching the President with sound logic was useless.

At this point, anyone who believes that decency would stop a man who, in some instances, has permanently taken children from their families would not sacrifice thousands of brown-skinned lives to save his own is as delusional as the President.

A phone call to Ukraine has the President on the edge of his biggest nightmare—humiliation. His usual distractions are not working so the sacrifice of people in another land was his answer.  He is denying lawful Congressional oversight, he is sending civilian and government emissaries around the world to conjure up evidence against a current and defeated presidential opponent. The public and punditry dismissed the Mueller Report, but it was a warning we did not heed.  This President is a traitor to his country and our friends and allies. No sign of collusion with Russia could be more evident than his constant public acquiescence to Putin and his abandonment of the Kurds in Syria leaving the territory-wide open to Russian influence.

All eyes off

The United States and 34 member nations participate in a joint patrolling [spying] program, by air, to assure mutual obedience to arms treaties. The Trump administration is seeking to destroy yet another multiple-member agreement to appease the Russians, the Open Skies Treaty. The White House and conservative media assert that the program allows Russia to spy on America, but according to the President, eschewing the evidence by our national intelligence agencies, Putin has” strongly denied” any interference in U.S. affairs. You cannot have it both ways, oh I forgot the President uses two mirrors; I am sure the Kurds would say, one for each face.  

Vote in 2020 for Change.          


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