Fareed Zakaria slams Romney's disingenuous statesmanship. Blames leaders for GOP's looney turn.

Fareed Zakaria pointed out that Republicans like Mitt Romney, who attempted to seem responsible lately, indulged the looneys.

Fareed Zakaria exposes Mitt Romney

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Recently Mitt Romney went on the Senate floor and made a passionate speech. In fact, we wrote a blog post on it titled “Mitt Romney calls out Republican Senators for lying to constituents, tell them the truth.”

Mitt Romney had some prescient words at the joint session of Congress convened for the Electoral College count. He asked Senators to remove their objections to allow the state-by-state vote count to proceed without further delay. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, as of this post, continued his objection. Not even a Trump-instigated coup attempt was enough to give the Senator a conscience or a modicum of morality.

Romney said that no number of objections would have any of those who believe the election was rigged to change their minds. Why? Because Donald Trump continues to lie to his base with conspiracy stories.

Fareed Zakaria nor should we be impressed with Romney's attempt at appearing statesmanlike. He reminded us that Romney reveled in Trump's endorsement. Worse, he started to parrot birtherisms during his campaign against Barack Obama.

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  • February 8, 2021
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