The next time I hear another of my fellow Democrats tell me they are not excited by Joe Biden; I have a bleach cocktail to offer them. One of the oldest maxims that pollute our politics is that “Republicans fall in line and Democrats fall in love.” This is not a history lesson about Bill Clinton’s aphorism, but it is an admonition about the misguided love of something new. New is not always bad, Barack Obama was new, but he was also smart. Sarah Palin was new; I will let you finish the statement. That brings us to the impending election in November if that old adage about falling in line and in love has not been turned on its head, nothing has.

Remember when you were in junior high, awkward and pimpled-faced, and that young lady with the braids sitting next to you in class, popped her gum and smiled at you; you felt like royalty. Then there was the guy you knew was going to be somebody, someday, he was a little nerdy but gave great hugs. I feel like I am observing junior high when I watch the reaction to President Trump from his followers, no matter how many straws he sticks up his nose they tell you he is brilliant. Even when he puts that straw to his lips and shoots spitballs in their hair, they swoon. The Republican party has not only fallen in love they have made a pact with their Romeo.

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow...”

If not for the countless calls to poison control centers around the country, after the President suggested that downing or injecting disinfectant to cure COVID-19 was a good idea, a little Shakespearean comparison would be humorous or at least welcomed. None of this is funny but it is dangerous. Trump-supporting pundits will sit behind their radio microphones, at-home broadcast stations, and TV commentary desk, to make fun of those who followed Mr. Trump’s folly, in efforts to validate his claims of sarcasm.  Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been making sense, but not making news. He has proposed a strategy, not a fantasy to fight the novel coronavirus. He has no pill he is pushing or a magic elixir. Yes, Joe Biden has been boring, decisive, and steady, all the things those who want excitement over substance despise.  

I remember when that line and love comparison was introduced into politics and have never abided by it. The reasons I enthusiastically voted for former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton were that she was boring, studious, wonky, and competent. All the things her predecessor had been.  I did not love Hillary Clinton then or now. I was never looking for a date I was looking for a skilled President. Mr. Trump spent the weekend in hiding like a teen scorned and taking revenge from behind his phone’s keyboard. I am not surprised; cowards run and hide instead of admitting a mistake. Joe Biden does not make me smile nor do I want to give him a friendship ring, but I trust what he says as truth. That alone is a step forward and up.

Vote in 2020 for Change.              

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