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Falling behind in the polls, Ted Cruz panders in the slimiest way possible

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It’s been three months since the Santa Fe school shooting.

Back then, Ted Cruz thought he had the election in the bag with ruby-red Texas. He wouldn’t meet with the Santa Fe families, and this infuriated Rhonda Hart—whose little girl Kimberly was killed in the shooting.


Things have changed.

Cruz blew his massive 20 point lead—right now it’s a dead heat, with Beto O’Rourke continuing to gain ground in every new poll that is released. His support continues to grow, since about 40% of Texans say they don't really know O'Rourke, but everyone already knows Ted Cruz, who remains the most unpopular Senator in an already unpopular party.

How to fix it?  He decided to tweet this:


Really, Ted? You had your damn photographer take photos for this?

First of all, they were murdered—not lost.  We are the only non-Third World country on the planet that has a mass shooting every week. 

Second, there is something you can do:  ANYTHING.

I mean it.

You opposed the bump stock ban immediately after the Las Vegas killer sprayed and killed 58 people with bursts of sustained fire. You oppose universal background checks. You even voted against merely studying the issue of gun safety.


You, Ted, are the NRA’s highest-paid politician for a reason.

When you were asked about doing something—literally anything—about gun safety the day after the Parkland massacre, you laughed about it.

Immediately after the church slaughter in Charleston, you decided to crack a joke.

It’s all funny to you, isn’t it, Ted?

When 20 kindergartners were killed by a crazed gunman in Newtown, you even had the audacity to run an ad bragging about how you were able to stop gun safety laws ”after Sandy Hook.”

You are a disgusting little troll, Ted, but your time is short.

Beto O’Rourke is currently campaigning in every one of Texas’ 254 counties and expertly trolling you on social media, all while crushing you in fundraising. And as I already mentioned, Beto is gaining ground quickly.

Ted is growing desperate and scared. He covets his job above all else, which is why he has refused to defend his wife and father against Trump’s insults. He has gotten so desperate that he is even begging Donald Trump to campaign for him in Texas!  He’s spineless to the core. 

NOW we are supposed to believe that once the election is over, Ted will finally do something about guns?  We are supposed to believe this spineless jellyfish will somehow finally manage to stand up to the NRA?

Ted is using this poor family’s grief as a campaign prop. If he somehow manages to win, that’s the last you’ll ever hear him talk about gun safety—unless, of course, he makes another joke about it. 

If Ted can’t stand up for himself, why would he ever stand up for someone else’s children?

If you want to stop gun violence, you need someone who isn’t afraid to do something about it. Step aside, Ted. Let a real man defend Texas.


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