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Fail: the barbarism of #beckywiththebadgrades lawyer exploiting Asian-American students' claims

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— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) October 1, 2019

Today’s ruling represents a cynical use of white-privilege for a “model minority” to recuperate the mission that failed in the case of Abigail Fisher. The charges that de facto quota systems for Asian-Americans might be used to support a suit for the reverse-racism agenda could only result in today’s finding that Harvard doesn’t discriminate against Asian-American applicants. 

No mention of Jared Kushner’s admission to Harvard or any celebrity bribery in  admissions instances, and hopefully Edward Blum does not try to contrive new ways to promote racial division in the service of mediocrity’s meritocracy. Appeals might get it to SCOTUS as RW attacks on affirmative action continue. 

In the earlier case of Fisher, her unwillingness to be redirected to another U. of Texas campus for her first year and then transfer to Austin prompted her to sue in order to jump the line. She subsequently graduated from LSU.

The plaintiff in the Supreme Court case (Fisher vs. U.Texas) challenging the use of race in college admission looks to be the perfect argument. But the case barely mentions her. Instead, the agenda is much broader: To fight race-based policies everywhere.…


A federal judge in Boston on Tuesday ruled that Harvard University did not discriminate against Asian American students, rebuffing for now a challenge to the use of race in university admissions that could ultimately reach the Supreme Court.

In a 130-page ruling, US District Court Judge Allison Burroughs concluded that Harvard’s admissions process “passes constitutional muster” in using race as one factor in determining how it admits students to the university. The court found no evidence of “any racial animus or conscious prejudice against Asian Americans.”

The decision dealt a blow to Students for Fair Admissions, a group of Asian American students who sued Harvard in 2014. The case represented a pivot in challenging affirmative action that pitted one minority group against others.


Students for Fair Admissions is led by activist Edward Blum, a longtime opponent of racial preferences who was behind a 2016 Supreme Court challenge to the use of race in college admissions at the University of Texas at Austin. In that case, involving a white student named Abigail Fisher, the Supreme Court upheld the university’s admissions process.…


— The Noum (@NoumThe) October 1, 2019

“Abigail Fisher was so mad about having to go to LSU instead of Texas that she took it to the Supreme Court”



— Sandra Smith (@Coco_Wms) August 18, 2019


— The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic) September 19, 2019


— Matthew Watkins (@MWatkinsTrib) September 19, 2019


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