Exxon-Mobil Australia does their best to win a “Tone-Deaf Tweet of the Year” award

In the middle of unprecedented bushfires, a wave that’s a direct result of global warming, which have been casting blood-red skies over major cities, destroying homes, taking people’s lives, and killed huge numbers of wildlife, including up to 30% of the koala population in New South Wales…  Exxon-Mobil decided to tweet this:

Seriously… the country is on fire a result of climate change from CO2 emissions, and you, who’ve been aware for half a century that your product would cause this future, yet spent the time up to now funding climate-denialism think tanks, thought now would be a good time to tell people to “have fun this new year”?

The responses have been racking up:


At the time of writing, the post had racked up over 1000 responses like this and hundreds of retweets.

Amazingly tone deaf.

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