Expose them now! Put inflation blame where it really belongs before it is too late

Biden must blame inflation on the corporations parasitically redistributing our income to themselves via record profits.

Inflation caused by parasites, greedy corporations

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I wish Biden had called out the corporations for their parasitic behavior during the State Of The Union Speech. Instead, he got defensive by pointing out the obvious. He said he was a capitalist. We all know that. He then said something to the effect that Capitalism without competition is tantamount to extortion.

That’s not what he should have said. He is giving the greedy capitalists a break. These guys are pilfering American citizens, and then they blame. They blame Biden. He allows them to keep blaming him. The culprit, the ones who are causing inflation, all around. the ones responsible for inflation are the private sector.

First of all, their increases in prices are much faster than any price increase they have. The reasons for the price increases are their failures. Whatever happened to accountability? Whatever happened to being accountable for Just-In-Time inventory failing? Whatever happened to being accountable for offshoring failing? And how did those two fail? The supply line failure for certain products means we have a shortage of those products.

And then who pays for that failure? You do. Here’s the interesting thing. The rip-off that this type of Capitalism represents is quantifiable.

There was a time when we made a lot of products in America. The furthest these products had to travel was 3000 miles from one coast to the other. Or maybe we made some in Alaska and Hawaii, so they traveled a bit more. But we used to make things here. So transportation costs were minimal, and delivery was not a problem.

If you manufacture in North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Oregon, all these places, if there’s a hurricane in North Carolina, you can bring products in from your store in California, etc. That’s perfect, right? It works.

But in America, we also have a good standard of living. We want to pay good wages. Well, what do the capitalists say? The capitalists say, ‘Our sole purpose in life is to maximize profits for the shareholders and bonuses for the executives. That’s it. And the fairly recent god of unfettered capitalism Milton Friedman, the king, said, you don’t have to worry about society. You don’t have to worry about doing what is morally right. He said that that’s the definition of Capitalism.

They discovered offshore, and then they manufactured all of these products overseas. What does that mean? Whereas it took a few days to get a product. Now it takes a few months. You must preplan much more competently for products manufactured overseas. You have to preplan going through customs. You have to preplan the shipping charges. But the slave labor overseas is so much less than the slave labor in the United States that they recovered more than all other costs combined.

But there’s a catch. If there is a war, hurricane, or other problem, the corporation cannot get the product to market.

So they offshored manufacturing to stiff the American worker. Then they used Just-In-Time-Inventory to rake in even more profits. And when their shortsighted incompetence is exposed, they blame the government and try to recover lost income from their incompetence from Americans using inflation as the tactic.

Here is what hurts the most. Their price increases mean that they profit even more from shortages because they use less material and charge more. They sell fewer cars at a much higher individual price. So their expenses fall as their profits explode. And this is reflected in their stock prices. So what can one learn from this?

This form of Capitalism is a system that allows you to profit off of your failure. And who pays for the failure of these capitalists. We do as they attempt to assign blame elsewhere.

Biden, Progressives, and Democrats specify that we have inflation because of the failure of the corporate, private sector. You’re paying higher prices because the same private sector wants to monopolize on their failures. They fail. You pay.

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  • March 7, 2022