Expanding the courts, Republicans ignore citizens' Medicaid Expansion vote, Minimum wage.

Sheila Jackson Lee talks about expanding the courts. Missouri Republicans ignore citizens’ vote for Medicaid Expansion. Minimum wage fraud on Americans.

Republicans fraud on their citizens.


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  • Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee comes out strong for expanding Supreme Court. ‘I’m glad you hear me now.
  • Rachel Maddow slams Missouri Republicans for ignoring citizens’ vote for Medicaid Expansion.
  • Outrageous‘: 46 Million Americans Say They Would Not Be Able to Afford Healthcare If They Needed It. “The American model of health reform—throwing money at private insurers—can not solve it.”
  • If the Minimum Wage Kept Pace With Wall Street Bonuses Since 1985, It Would Be Worth $44 Today. The 2020 bonus pool for 182,100 securities industry employees could pay for more than 1 million jobs paying $15 per hour for a year.

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  • March 31, 2021