The suddenly very dreamy Miles Taylor — the former Trump DHS chief of staff who’s called his former boss, in a word, fuckingnuts — is back, and he’s bringing some of his friends with him.

Taylor, who exhorted us all to vote for Joe Biden unless we want human decency itself to be flung heedlessly into space, has started a group of former and current Department of Homeland Security officials who have vowed to oppose Trump’s reelection.


Taylor and Elizabeth Neumann, another former senior DHS official who served in the administration, have started the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (REPAIR), which will include people who work or have worked for Trump but want to elect Biden and reform the Republican Party.

So far, two current senior administration officials have anonymously signed on to the effort and one of them has preliminary plans to reveal their identity closer to the election and expects to get fired as a result, according to a person familiar with the project who declined to share the names of those two officials. The person also said the group is preparing another “bombshell” to be revealed as soon as Tuesday but didn’t get into any more detail when pressed.
Oooh. I’m tingling all over. 
In a statement to Politico, Taylor said, “The President has demonstrated he’s unfit for office. And those of us who witnessed the chaos of his Administration firsthand from the inside are coming together to ensure that Trump is not re-elected. More importantly, this organization will be planning for a post-Trump Republican Party and working with other groups to repair the GOP and repair our republic. In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing a range of Republican talent that will be helping drive the effort, as well as new initiatives to bring the GOP back to its roots, away from the corruption of Trumpism, and toward a more forward-looking agenda.”
Repair the GOP? Sorry, man. That horse left the barn a long time ago and commenced to shit all over the country. You can revive the roots of the Republican party, but they’ll still be six feet under and covered in dirt. Trumpism is a powerful death cult, and without Trump or one of his semi-sentient spooge stains running things, the philistine mob will have no more interest in the Grand Old Party. I mean, Mitch McConnell has a ton of sex appeal, but he can’t measure up to Trump’s animal magnetism.
So I guess what I’m saying is, thanks for the nudge in the right direction, but, dude, you’re fucked.


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