Ex-FBI Chief of Staff Chuck Rosenberg: “Collusion is Absolutely a Crime.”


And so is obstruction, dumbass….


“President Donald Trump and his circle have been spreading the idea that collusion is not a criminal act as evidence mounts that Russia colluded with U.S. persons to sway the election for Trump.

Former FBI chief of staff Chuck Rosenberg explained that such collusion is a crime. The Trump team just isn't realizing the word for the crime isn't “collusion.”

“Collusion is a crime,” he said Monday on MSNBC's MTP Daily. “We just happen to call it something else. We call it conspiracy, but it is absolutely a crime.”

“You probably won’t find the crime bank heist in the criminal code,” Rosenberg explained. “But bank robbery is a crime too, and so I am sort of perplexed that it has come down to synonyms.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Chuck.

Now you’ll just need to explain to Ghouliani and drumpf what a synonym is.