That is a new Twitter thread by Seth Abramson, drawing on the research he did for his 3 books on Trump.

That’s one tweet per scandal.

There are 20 Tweets covering issues with the EU and some 2 dozen plus individual nations.

If you want to read the original in Twitter, you can start here

Courtesy of Thread Reader APP, I have pasted in the unrolled thread below the fold.

It covers ALL of the “deals” and corruptions by Trump, during the 2016 campaign and since taking office, with ALL the players —  eg, Russia, China, Israel, UAE, Turkey….  etc. etc. etc.


It includes some of his stupidity as President. eg: N Korea, Iran nuclear agreement, Covid19

There are SO MANY ground for impeachment, and probably for indictments as well.

There are MORE THAN ENOUGH grounds to reject not only Trump’s re-election, but that of his enablers in the House and Senate.

Take a look.