Every Democrat must use these selective words about the insurrection enablers this Congressman used

Every Democrat must use these selective words about the insurrection enablers this Congressman used

Congressman Eric Swalwell was very disciplined in this interview as he intertwined keywords that kept the insurrection and its enablers in the forefront.

Insurrection and its enablers kept at the forefront

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I did a double-take while listening to Congressman/Impeachment Manager Eric Swalwell in the background. I heard him making statements where he interspaced the necessary descriptive words to ensure those who are listening continue to understand the complicity of many Republican politicians’, Right-Wing and otherwise, complicity in the insurrection on January 6th, 2021.

Katie Tur asked Swalwell what his open question relative to the FBI hearings he listened to today was. He said it’s the question all have. Whether an insurrection would happen again, then he pivoted.

“We saw today that many of the people questioning FBI Director Wray were people who were responsible for the BIG LIE that brought so many to the Capitol on January 6th.”

But it gets better. He made an important CPAC connection.

“Many of the people questioning Director Wray went to the INSURRECTION REUNION this past weekend in Florida and showing no remorse for what they did,” Swalwell continued. “And continued to advance the idea that Joe Biden is not the legitimate president.”

He continued stating that because the Republican leaders have not corrected the big lie, they would be responsible for a repeat by the insurrectionists.

When asked what the FBI director needed to do, his answer made sure to paste the keywords unto them. He used the phrases WHITE NATIONALISTSRECRUIT, RADICALIZE, & TARGETCAPITOL ULTIMATELY FELL.

These phrases and keywords are important because it makes them no different than the terrorist from abroad. We must codify that they are thought of equivalently.

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  • March 2, 2021