Even in 'defeat,' Kamala Harris can still burn Trump

It’s a sad day for Kamala Harris and her supporters. I was an early Harris supporter, and up until her announcement today, she remained one of my top candidates. (Full disclosure: I’m now in Elizabeth Warren’s camp.)

But whoever our nominee is, that person will be 1,000 times better than Trump. Assuming it’s not Tulsi Gabbard, in which case she’d be, I don’t know, twice as good as Trump?

Of course, Trump being the wee orange shit-Muppet he is, he couldn’t resist a sarcastic au revoir.

And Kamala was ready for him.



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Ooh, ouchies.

Aloe is good for your condition, Mr. Pr*sident. It’s not just for diaper rash anymore.

I’d love to see Harris as a VP candidate next year. I think a ticket that includes her would be formidable. (Warren-Harris, maybe? One can dream.) Either way, I wish her the best.

And keep that fire coming, Kamala. It’s indispensable.


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