Eugene Robinson puts it bluntly

His column for Tuesday’s Washington Post is titled succinctly and pointedly on the Post web page as

We can’t pretend this is a normal election (although the text of the url that takes you there is even more direct:  “the 2020 election is a fight for the soul of our nation”).

The opening paragraph clearly states Robinson’s case:

If President Trump and the Republican Party want the 2020 election to be a referendum on unabashed white supremacy, that’s their choice. Voters who embrace the views of David Duke and other proud racists will have Trump to vote for. Voters who disagree will have a Democratic alternative. Simple as that.

There is a lot in this column.  Robinson continues by telling us

Make America Great Again has completed its sinister transformation into Make America White Again, and it’s foolish to pretend otherwise.

He does not think any sensible person should, in the diverse nation we both are and will continue to be, want such a fight.  But then we might note, who ever considers Trump to be sensible?  Robinson certainly does not, saying of him instead that

He is a demagogue with one highly effective political move: driving wedges.