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Ethnic Cleansing. How it starts.

Ethnic Cleansing

The mass expulsion or killing of members of one ethnic or religious group in an area by those of another.

This is a phrase that is not often used in democracies.

Immigrants: Target one subset, Latinos, disparage them as aliens, rapists and criminals

Religious purging: Target one religion, declare them to be terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.

Who next? Once you get the mindset going it is easy to expand the number of targets.

Make it seem user friendly, call it good management procedures, now those of you who have worked for the larger corporations know that if you don’t fit in, then you are likely to be isolated or fired. If you can get pregnant, well you could effect corporate efficiency, so you are worth less. The mere thought of being fired has reduced some friends to anxiety attacks, because they feel that they cant speak out against corporate bullying and sexism.

The easiest way to rule is to turn people against each other, ramp up the fear and loathing then you are ready to propose more radical solutions. Then make them fear, that they may be next unless they conform.

If there is resistance, then say, these are exceptional times and we are being forced to do some things that at first may seem extraordinary, but once done, we will be safe, if not done, then chaos and terror will result.

Most of us know what management means to those at the top, I have seen a CEO have a meltdown simply because their claims were refuted and proved to be false. I resigned the next day and only because I could afford to do so and had somewhere else to go. Management structure has never been democratic and any resistance to authority is regarded as not being a part of the team, I is only allowed at the top.

The way we have changed the lives of the vast majority of people has been by sticking together forming inclusive groups and forcing change. When we give up the pressure, when we knuckle down to the “common wisdom” our gains are eroded. When we are divided and fearful, we have lost.

We have seen this erosion going on for decades. The culture of greed and selfishness prevails, society has been reduced to an individual. Yes, individuals have done extraordinarily well and mean to keep their gains, the rest of us are there to ensure their wealth and if we don’t, then the economy will collapse.




Listen and that is what you hear, if someone speaks out, they are weak and support the agents of darkness. The MSM driven by the need for sensationalism creates an atmosphere of panic and desperation, save us and keep us safe, safe from whom I am obliged to ask.

I’m a socialist, a union member and a  democrat for a very good reasons. Our small business is run as a collective, funnily enough, it is also nicely profitable.

I have said the so called left has become lazy and administrative and lost what made it great, radical thought and action. The left has become fearful of change, this we have given free of charge to the radical right who have a totally different concept what populism actually means. The populism of a select/perceived/implied majority can be brutal, when driven by fear and loathing it can become a living hell as has happened many times in history.

Just a thought.

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