Eric Trump wants Minnesotans to get out and vote. Today. A week after the election.

What do you do when you’re the head of a crime family and all your kids are Fredos? You fail. A lot.

Case in point: Eric Trump

Of course, we all know Eric has the cognitive ability of a below-average glue-huffing Sea-Monkey, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t hilarious when he screws up.

This morning, Eric tweeted — and then quickly deleted — this:

Well, Minnesota DID get out and vote … last week … and they opted to defenestrate his father’s ocher arsehole. 

Naturally, Twitter was only too happy to point out Eric’s gaudy gormlessness. 



— drew olanoff (@yoda) November 10, 2020


— trevor shelley de brauw (@trevordebrauw) November 10, 2020


— Matthew Smith (@MattSmithKIRO7) November 10, 2020


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Donald Trump has often bragged (falsely, of course) about hiring only the best people. At the same time, he apparently sires the worst. In fact, he’s like a gravity well of incompetence, as anyone who moves beyond the event horizon of his inner circle has to be super-dumbfuckish, or a relative, or both to survive for very long.

It’s the Trump way. And it won’t change. Luckily, they have to go back to merely fucking up their business now. And I certainly won’t object to that. 

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  • November 10, 2020