Eric Holder's NDRC Doubles Down To Help Dr. Eliz Markowitz (D. TX) Flip The Texas State House Blue


Received this e-mail from former Attorney General Eric Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee in support of Dr. Eliz Markowitz’s (D. TX-HD28) special election:

The GOP has used gerrymandering to silence Texans for a decade. So we've made the Lone Star State one of our top targets for 2020 — and there's an election coming up this month!


Eliz is fighting for one of the nine seats (out of 150!) that Democrats need to win back the Texas House and prevent Republican map manipulation. We are so close:


But we have our work cut out for us. Republicans are digging in to protect their total control over redistricting in Texas and four other key states — Ohio, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.

Will you help us take them on? Chip in to break Republican control in 2020!


Click here to donate to the NDRC’s efforts to flip the Texas State House blue.

  • January 13, 2020
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