EPIC! Two Republicans go at each other over Trump & GOP 10-year healthcare failure

You know they lost the debate and Americans when two Republicans fight over the ACA. But that one acquiesces to socialize medicine? Epic!

The Republicans failed at healthcare

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Right after the debate, two Republicans and former Governor Jennifer Granholm appeared on a panel with Don Lemon. The argument between GOP operative Amand Carpenter and Mike, another GOP operative, was informative.

The former Governor chastised Mike for the lie that Biden's policy of adding a public option to the Affordable Care Act would kill private health insurance. It is the scare tactics to stop any movement on healthcare even as Republicans are not able to come up with a workable health insurance plan of their own,

Mike said that because Nancy Pelosi said that a public option is a path to single-payer health insurance, it makes it Biden's plan implicitly. He said that within six months the Progressives would force a single-payer bill onto the floor.

Amanda then scorched him.

“Why would that happen,” Amanda asked. “Because Republicans haven't done anything since Obamacare was made into law in 2010. So congratulations Republicans, you had 10 years.”

Amanda continued.

“How long do you expect people to wait,” Amanda asked. “Because I am in the camp of someone on the private market that really wants a strong private health care market so I can get affordable health care. Where have Republicans been? I have been waiting for that plan to show up. And I am fearful too, Michael, of what might happen if the Democrats have a socialized healthcare system. But who can I turn to for help? It sure as heck not been the Trump administration.”

After a few iterations, Mike said that the way to get Republicans that are abandoning Trump back into the fold is to say that Biden's plan will lead to socialized medicine.

“Good luck with that,” Amanda replied. “I can't leave my house or send my school because of how he has handled the healthcare system. I think people are so desperate for anything; they will take 'a plan' over 'no plan.'

There is a mathematical fact all else being equal. A for-profit private health insurance system can't be less expensive than a single-payer healthcare system. It is impossible.

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  • October 24, 2020