Public policy has now become a kind of Reality-TV amateur competition show, with idiots sending crack-pot schemes for Trump’s attention. This is because if you can put the Laffer Curve on a napkin, entire regulatory or anti-regulatory policies by RWNJ Trumpists might get adopted by the Great Monitor Lizard of television and Twitter.

This petitioning has been reported very early on, by Chief of Staff Kelly’s irritation with sycophants getting easy access to IMPOTUS*, but the crumbling economy and WH attracts snake oil vendors.

That TV regulars are pitching the president on plans to save the U.S. economy is owed to the fact that they know he will listen. While past president’s leaned heavily on economists and academics during moments of economic crisis, Trump takes very seriously the policy prescriptions discussed on cable news and pushed by those who fill its airwaves. It was, after all, Fox News star Tucker Carlson who traveled to Trump’s private Florida club Mar-a-Lago this month to try to personally convince the president to quit being so dismissive of the coronavirus’ deadly spread.

On Capitol Hill, individual lawmakers are also working to get Trump’s attention in the ongoing policy debates. Politico reported Thursday that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)—who often privately counsels the president on matters of foreign and domestic policy—told colleagues during a Senate Republican lunch that he and newly minted White House chief of staff Mark Meadows are attempting to lobby Trump to reverse his support for direct payments to individuals in a coronavirus-related stimulus package. Right-leaning economists and “Trumponomics” pushers are also trying to sway the president at this critical juncture, warning Trump not to indulge in what they deride as too much

Sure enough, a senior Trump administration official said on Tuesday that Moore, Laffer, and Forbes would receive similar treatment that other allies of the president have been promised: their joint statement, this official said, had been printed and flagged for inclusion in Trump’s daily batches of reading material and media clips.

In the case of responding to the economic damage wrought by the coronavirus  outbreak, it’s unclear how seriously the president or aides who oversee the paperflow to his desk are taking these different proposals. But the rush of outside plans to his desk underscores the mad dash among Trump counselors, within and outside of the federal government, to influence the frequently shambolic crisis management with their own policy preferences, or pet ideas, even.…

Then there’s this… “We’re not shipping clerks” (Donald Trump)

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