Empowering unions. Wall Street firm aiding Russia. Psaki schools Doocy on inflation. Proxy war.

Evette Avery Herrod, a union activist discusses the state of unions. A rep. wants a proxy war. Psaki schools Doocy again. Wall Street vultures continue.



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  • Evette Avery Herrod visits with us to discuss the state of worker unions and much more. She is an activist who continues to push for the rights of workers.
  • Stephanie Ruhle exposes Goldman Sachs, a Wall Street firm. for exactly what it is, a vulture. She points out how they are leveraging Russian bonds as great investments.
  • A congressman is advocating a proxy war with Russia. He points out that Trump empowered Putin. This is unlike what Trump sycophants are stating.
  • Jen Psaki continues to swat down Peter Doocy who cannot seem to get enough of a beating day after day.

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  • March 14, 2022
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