Received this e-mail today from actor Bradley Whitford on behalf of the Wisconsin Democratic Party:


I am so glad to see my home state of Wisconsin doing everything possible to defeat Donald Trump!

If we win Wisconsin, we take our country back. To do that, we need to be preparing for the general election NOW. Contacting voters, fighting GOP voter suppression, and expanding the neighborhood organizing teams that will carry us to victory.

Wisconsin will decide the future. There is no more effective donation you can make than chipping in $10 right now to defeat Trump.

Reminder: Biden is pretty much where Dukakis was at this point. Don’t get lulled to sleep by summer polling. Register to vote and make a plan to vote NOW. Ask your family, friends and communities if they have a plan to vote on November 3rd.

We should be prepared for Donald Trump’s “comeback” stories in the press. Journalists need a new narrative every couple of weeks and everyone loves a comeback. Do not let up.

Trump wouldn’t be president without the ongoing GOP strategy to suppress turnout in Wisconsin and all across the country. These efforts continue as conservative judges recently slashed early voting in Wisconsin.

Trump is investing millions into Wisconsin because he knows he has to win it. Recent reports have shown Republicans are registering more voters than Democrats are. This fight isn’t even close to being over.

There’s an ongoing attack on democracy by Republicans in Wisconsin and we need you to join the fight. Chip in today to make sure WisDems have the resources they need to tip the Electoral College toward justice.

Trump beat Hillary in Wisconsin by 22,748 votes. Republican voter suppression efforts disenfranchised CONSERVATIVELY 50,000 voters. Estimates go up to 200,000.

Their voter suppression tactics target students, people of color, and the elderly. They’re doing it again in 2020. We need to fight back!

Our nation deserves better than a quivering coward, a hysterical conspiracy theorist, and a traitorous apologist for Vladimir Putin.

If you want to defeat Donald Trump there is no more effective place to donate money than to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Please click on the link below and give what you can.

Join me and let’s win this election,

Bradley Whitford

Click here to donate to the Wisconsin Democratic Party.