Elton John ad is touching tribute to his mom, and makes me revisit ads that have moved me

John Lewis, a British department store, puts out a Christmas ad every year, and 2018’s went viral, with over 10 million views so far. I can’t stop watching it, and not just because I’m an Elton John fan. It’s just a wonderful tribute to his mom:

Well, then I got to thinking about other ads I’ve watched multiple times over the years. So I stopped what I was doing, and revisited several others that have also moved me. 

Like this one.

YouTube can be dangerous. I don’t know how they did this, but somehow a PSA from Sussex, England made me tear up over….seatbelts?

This one also really also gets me, every time.

And good on the Ad Council for actually taking on the subject of gun safety.

And I’ll end with another one on the subject of giving.

This is from a Thai phone company, and its although its subtitled, you don’t need it to understand what is going on:

I’ll end it here.

It’s difficult to make a powerful story and deliver a message–much less in under a few minutes.

These are the ones I like to revisit from time to time. If an ad has every really moved you, please share or describe it below.